Coronavirus benefits in travel india

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Coronavirus Impact Travel and Benefits

coronavirus pandemic has changed many things but we also remember that they gave us many lessons & Coronavirus benefits too, how to destroy our nature, and sometimes we should give time to ourselves.

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Where to travel during covid

People will Not travel internationally after that most people travel small-town destinations like Uttarakhand, Himachal, and other beautiful destinations in their own country.

They will see the real beauty of nature in the small-town hill station. and domestic travel destinations become more famous. It will help to grow the GDP of our country and a small travel business.

  1. Tourists attract low rate coronavirus countries like Greenland, Dominica, Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mauritius, etc.
  2. Travel and tours packaged will become cheaper due to hotels’ tourist places closed in many months. Tourists use there own car small for near by destination.
  3. Most of the tourists will purchase travel packages because of hygiene & social distance.
  4. After coronavirus people will be travel more because due to lockdown people being bored with regular life so that when everything is fine and the pandemic is over tourists will travel more.

Coronavirus travel advice

Travel in this pandemic is not safe, we all should follow all rules like social distance and mask wear in public.

After that will become everything normal would people wearing a mask in the airport and public place and its normal.

We should follow all government rules and maintain hygiene.

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