How Solo Travelling Is Better

Solo Travelling Is Better for me always its give me experiences, confidence,peace and the best time with me myself only.

Traveling for me is all about exchanging experiences, Happiness and memories with peoples but you enjoy lot when you travel alone because they are not any restriction in alone traveling.

Why: I still don’t know why but the journey is still on and my wish list still pending.

What earn in last few months: When i start my traveling journey its totally new for me what i do, how to start,safe or not and where all types question in my mind.

I Saw that this world is much better and beautiful than what we think. Many times i got that touch of love from in knows, from people i will never get to see and touch again in my life. if you think travel always happy and wonderful No sometimes its hurts you sometimes you learned more.


  • Away form negativity peoples
  • Can’t wait for anyone and  i just need a trip right now: just go for solo trip
  • Boost self confidence and take it to high level
  • Solo trip is create independent environment
  • collect moments and memories not things

“So stop worrying about people & society, live with your dreams “

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