Traveling alone guide for solo women female travelers

In few years time has change and women now traveling alone and explore more,interdependent and love her life.

traveling alone Solo Vacation Trips

Follow few thing when you travel solo

traveling alone1 Dress conservatively :Keep a scarf always in your hand. Well dress that doesn’t mean you need to be covered head to toe; but shorts paired with a tank top are not advisable. Loose cotton clothing that breathes and shields from skin burn works better for the weather too.

2.Safety is more important if your women Don’t compromise on your safety to save money. always choice safe option when you traveling alone.

3. Keep a friend or family member apprised of your travel plans: always share your location with your friend and family members. but not in social media like FB and other.

4. Most use public transport : public transport is totally safe always use public transport like bus and train.

5. You can also dial 100: if you feel unsafe dail 100 “police number”.  police always help you 🙂

6. Socially connection is good but don’t share any personal details with unknown peoples who travel with you on public transports.

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