Uttarakhand Palayan Migration Hill Area/Way To Stop The Migration

Its is very sad for us our village and home have been deserted and in few years no one will be there. For years now, distress Uttarakhand Palayan Migration has been a major serious issue raised and no one want to talk this.

Over 700 villages in Uttarakhand have been deserted and more than 3.83 lakh people have left their villages in the last 10 years ” accounting to Economics Times

Migration is a big problem faced by the people from hilly areas of Uttarakhand Himanchal and others.

Reason of Uttarakhand Palayan Migration

  1. Attraction of city area
  2. Everyone hoped that the new state life better economic boost and employment and education opportunities.
  3. Too much hard work in agriculture and not much gain (risky)
  4. Lack of opportunities and private industries
  5. No facility


  1. Build small scale industries businesses especially tourism sector,Fish farming,Poultry and viticulture.
  2. Government should provide good education system
  3. Better road connectivity so that people reach easy and its good for education system ,industries and tourists sector.
  4. Plan new government policy for our village and their future

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